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Why I Love Black Denim

Black Denim Pants / Sweater / Shoes (similar and way affordable here) / Bag (similar here)

Hiya. Are you enjoying fall? We were, but it was 80. Then we weren’t because this past weekend when we went to Durham for a wedding our heat went out leaving my mother-in-law and Penelope very cold. It went from 80 to 40 in like .2 seconds, so I’ve been dealing with that. Thanks to sweet friends and neighbors, we survived with numerous space heaters and luckily, last night heat graced our home once again after not one but three people came out. So– after being MIA essentially since moving, I am REALLY hoping this time I’m back for good. 🙂 Hold me to it, okay?

It felt good to put this outfit on because it was the exact kind of look I would have worn when I was working in an office, but it’s also the exact kind I would wear on a date with Aaron or even to a girl’s night. I love black denim for so many reasons, but most of all the versatility of them. They are the perfect travel pant with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers, perfect for the office (if you can get away with black denim), or even perfect for those special dress up nights where the regular blues just aren’t cutting it. Or, let’s be real here, perfect for postpartum mommas who love black b/c #slimming (that’s like #winning but feeling skinnier). 🙂 Black denim is the bees knees and if you don’t have a pair run/click dow hat you do best and treat yo’ self. I love J.Crew denim, but this pair is also bomb.com and stretchy.

White Elm Photography.

Today we’re off to get some stuff for work being done to our crawl space (WHY must we spend money on things other than remodels and furniture in our new house?!). P and I are going to try to GSD today so we can stay on task and keep bringing you new content.

Most of all though, thanks for sticking with me. Reading, showing up each day and not expecting me to be perfect because I am SO not.



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