Bean There & Co. is australian based company and it’s mission is to deliver to our customers the world’s finest coffees…guaranteed!
We painstakingly search the world over for the highest quality coffee beans. Then, we bring those beans to our home, where we roast them slowly to coax out their unique flavor. So you can enjoy our coffees just the way you like them – delicate, medium or dark. Always SMOOTH – never bitter!

Sustainability & Ethical Trading

Bean there and Co. / Sustainability & Ethical Trading

We feel a strong sense of responsibility to the farmer, growers and the community at large that involves Tanzanian Coffee Research institute (TACRI)

This journey starts from the farmer to everyone involved in our coffee journey that very much includes you as the consumer drinking this fabulous cup of single origin single estate speciality coffee where in the responsibility starts from the time the coffee seed is sown in the soil, these farmers work tirelessly for their produce in such harsh and challenging conditions which One can’t possibly imagine what it takes to work on a coffee farm. The days are long, the terrain in Arusha in the district of Arumeru which is on the slopes of Mount Meru & Mount Rungwe in Tanzania that is difficult with little or no machinery that can help the farmers in growing & harvesting. Simple infrastructure such as roads to transport the cherries for milling are non-existent or they are in such a bad state that the whole process is tedious & very slow.

Despite such hardships, farmers have been growing coffee for many generations – it’s their only known livelihood which has been passed down from generations and this is only livelihood that they have that makes only enough money for a family to live & survive.

This is why we take great responsibility in making a difference to these farmers lives by buying from TACRI and from only one estate hence guaranteeing a quality of life to these hard working farmers thus ensuring they have enough to feed as a family & are able to educate their children to lead a better quality of life than their ancestors did by letting them know how much we love their coffee. Telling them that their entire family history means something to a lot of people fills their hearts as well as ours.

Coffee is about respecting the product that is grown ethically & certified by RFA (Rain Forest Alliance) UTZ (Universal Trade Zone) & SGS (Alliance for Water Stewardship UK) the only way to respect the product for everyone involved is to understand how their hard work is recognised & are being remunerated fairly by ensuring your enjoyment of this coffee consumption helps them feel happy with their produce & that you are contributing to their wellbeing thus bringing this speciality coffee across continents.