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Perfect Camo Sweater

Camo Sweater / Jeans / Scarf similar / Booties

Let’s chat camo for a second. I feel like you either love it, or hate it. I for one, love it. I had a pair of pants in 7th grade from here and I was OBSESSED. I wish I could find a picture of them because they were super wide legged with cargo pockets and all and I felt so bad ass in them every time I wore them. My favorite was wearing them with a brown long sleeve top and a puka shell choker (#ohdear). Those were the days…  I debated forever when I got rid of those pants, but camouflage was out, so they had to be in my extremely small closet too. Now 16 years later, I have a different pair of camouflage pants in my closet (which is still small, but the pants are at least a little more fitted and age appropriate), a scarf and this sweater. Now that my pieces are a little more basic and not in your face, I plan on keeping them as long as they’ll fit me because I truly treat camo a neutral. Also, I feel like it’s constantly cycling through being “in,” so why not keep it always and pull it out during those times?

Thoughts on camo? Do you love or do you hate? If you hate, mind me asking why? I’d love to know (not being felicitous, I’m just curious!). XX

Also is it weird that I feel weird publishing this the day after Halloween. I mean, mums and pumpkins are legit until after Thanksgiving in my opinion, but with all the hype of Christmas when NOVEMBER STARTS (hate that), I can’t help but feel like I’m posting these photos late. Thoughts?

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