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Oversized Button Sweater

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If it’s oversized and cozy, you can bet it’s in my cart. Actually, if it’s oversized, cozy and comes in multiple colors (like this sweater), you can bet all colors are in my cart. That’s actually the case for this sweater which I bought in both colors after buying this camel color. I am such a sucker. I have to say though, not only is it perfect for leggings and lounging, but you can certainly dress is up with some jeans and booties. Plus, the adorable back button detailing is too fun to pass up. I’m actually considering trying to style it buttons front. I have a dress from Madewell (here), that I actually prefer to wear backwards because I prefer the buttons in the front. In my opinion, when you can wear something reverse, you’re just further stretching your cost per wear because it feel like a new item when you style it. No one is going to know it’s on backwards if you rock it, and you will!

Did I mention that Aaron’s been studying for his LAST board exam? Y’all, he has taken SOOOO many exams over the course of medical school / residency / fellowship, so to be coming to a close (at least for 10 years when he re-certifies), seems surreal. He’s actually off this week, but I’ve barely seen him because he studies from sun up to sun down. BUT, Friday he’s done and me and Pops finally get him back! I’m trying to pack all things fall (did you read this post on my tardiness?) into this weekend since we’re a bit behind on the fall fun and while he’s going with it, I can also tell that may not be the way he wants to spend his first free weekend. LOL

Today I have a sitter for a few while Aaron studies, so I am going to try to pack about 353865298 errands into three hours. Can it be done? Who knows.

But first, coffee.


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