Bean There & Co. is australian based company and it’s mission is to deliver to our customers the world’s finest coffees…guaranteed!
We painstakingly search the world over for the highest quality coffee beans. Then, we bring those beans to our home, where we roast them slowly to coax out their unique flavor. So you can enjoy our coffees just the way you like them – delicate, medium or dark. Always SMOOTH – never bitter!

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02) Ara: The Altar

Ara is associated with the altar on which the gods formed an alliance before going to war with the Titans in Greek mythology. The gods were led by Zeus and the Titans by Atlas. In honour of the gods’ victory, Zeus placed the altar in the sky. In various depictions of the constellation, the Milky Way usually represents the smoke rising from the altar.
A Good cup of coffee, balanced in body and acidity with a pleasant aroma and Earthy


  • N39-3
  • Class: 4/5
  • Caffeine content: 10 g / Kg
  • Bean Size (AAA/AA): 80%- 95%

Description of the cup: Good cup, balanced in body and acidity with pleasant aroma and Earthy

03) Auriga: The Charioteer

Auriga, the Charioteer, was said to have been placed in the sky by Zeus himself in honour of its inventor, Erichthonius of Athens. Erichthonius was the son of the god Hephaestus and he was raised by Athena, who taught him many skills. He was the first person to harness four horses to a chariot and is credited as the inventor of the the quadriga, the four-horse chariot. His chariot was said to have been made in the image of the Sun god’s chariot.
A clean cup of coffee with a balanced quality and sweet aroma


  • TaCRI 1F
  • Class: 4/ 5
  • Caffeine content: 10 g/Kg
  • Bean Size (AAA/AA):78% – 90%

Description of the cup: Sweet aroma, clean cup and balanced quality