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Hostess Gifts Under $25

I never think a hostess gift is NECESSARY, but I do think it’s a nice gesture. Hosting is really exhausting (and fun!), so I always like to take something small (under $25) to just prove that I appreciate their hard work. It doesn’t have to be $25, honestly, a bottle of $8 wine or even a small succulent is a lovely gesture. I typically feel out the event and if it’s formal, I might spend a little more and a little less formal/planned, then I aim for something less expensive. Below (and above) I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below for under $25 and why I think they make great gifts!

Lemon Olive Oil: Or any good olive oil. Everyone uses it and loves it (but I always buy the cheap stuff), you could even tie a little seasoning bag (or just gift great seasoning) around it for dipping. YUM.

Coffee Table/Cook Book: You know your hostess best. Does she/he like decor, cooking, cocktails, etc. best? A fun new book would be welcome on their table or shelf! I’ve definitely been wanting to check this book out!

Fun Matches + Candle Set: This is one of my favorite gifts because it’s fun and spunky (with the right match box), but also something people can use. I like getting my match books here, but pick up affordable candles anywhere!

Hand Cream: I love the adorable packaging on this and it’s small enough to say “thank you,” but useful enough that it won’t be re-gifted (isn’t that what we all aim for? To not give gifts that are then re-gifted?).

Face Spritz: This is another thing that I love because you could easily split these three up and throw a cute ribbon around them for three individual gifts. If your hostess is a beauty guru, she’ll love these spritz.

Barware: I feel like I add one of these each year because whether alone or paired with a bottle of vino (or nice seltzer water), they are so cute to have around!

Serving Dishes or Decorative Plates: If your hostess is a frequent entertainer, add another decorative (and useful) piece to her collection.

Bath bombs or sleep masks: Give your host/hostess something to relax with once the party’s over.

Succulent planter with succulent: For those that like plants, but can’t keep them alive (like me!). Easy and liked by everyone. Also, there are so many different price points here.

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