Bean There & Co. is australian based company and it’s mission is to deliver to our customers the world’s finest coffees…guaranteed!
We painstakingly search the world over for the highest quality coffee beans. Then, we bring those beans to our home, where we roast them slowly to coax out their unique flavor. So you can enjoy our coffees just the way you like them – delicate, medium or dark. Always SMOOTH – never bitter!

Coffee Machine Hire Melbourne

Bean there and Co. / Coffee Machine Hire Melbourne

Coffee Machine Hire

Hire a coffee cart for events of every type. Hassle free coffee for your event. Locally roasted coffee. Mobile & flexible, including professional baristas. We have a capacity for high volume coffee machine hires. Our service is trusted by well over 73 local brands. With our award winning speciality coffee which is single origin “Tanzanian” speciality certified AAA roasted coffee that leaves everyone wanting for more.  This coffee has a “Q” score above 90, served in a recycled Kraft coffee cup 8 oz along with a choice of full cream, skim, soy & lactose free milk & sugar ready to kick start any event with participants ready to go!




Barista Service Coffee Machine Hire

Bean There & Co. will bring the boutique coffee shop experience to your event or location. Your guests or employees will appreciate the treat of being able to order their own speciality latte or espresso made on the spot and just for them!


We go the extra mile

Our coffee machine rental service is convenient for hosting various special events and conferences.
With our delicious classic drip coffee and espresso, we hope to raise the level of satisfaction for both our customers and their event participants.


Some examples of where our services can be used

Events, parties, exhibitions, school festivals, academic conferences, seminars, photo and video shoots, wedding receptions, pop-up stores, product testing before offering a new coffee product in stores, etc.



Family Owned Commercial Coffee Machine Hire in Melbourne

We are a family owned business. Long and short-term coffee machine rental for the Office or events around Melbourne. Call
0422 094 831 today for more . Our commercial office coffee machines are a sight to see. As lovers of real coffee, we observe very high standards yet keeping our service simple & convenient. We also have standard coffee machines for commercial use, they are also available for short-term lease.


Benefits of Hiring Coffee Machine and Barista Service

It is a well known fact that coffee has an incredible amount of health benefits, and is a great tool for promoting productivity in the workplace. Coffee is a performance enhancer and gives employees that extra boost required to power through busy days and meet strict deadlines. Finding a quality coffee during a workday has never been simpler. Enjoy the finer things in life every day of the week. Staff can have fresh, high quality coffee available at all times with no management concerns about supplies, maintenance or breakdowns. Also, if the machine is no longer required, customers do not need to deal with disposal themselves, or with any management, maintenance and costs associated with ownership. Our coffee machines are not only sophisticated, they can also be chosen from a range of convenient rental packages, maintenance- and hassle-free.


Coffee Machine Hire For Events Melbourne

Hire a coffee cart for events of any kind. Trouble free coffee for your event with excellent quality coffee. Skilled barista, locally roasted coffee beans and award winning speciality coffee. We provide flexible options and professional baristas. We like nothing better than showing off our coffee machines and our rich tasting coffee.


Coffee Machine Hire For Office

Commercial and office coffee machines to rent or on lease rental with the benefit of saving your capital for other needs. Espresso coffee machine rental quotes are available upon request. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about the coffee machine hire service we offer, our office coffee machine hire terms, or how to get started.


Our Rates For The Coffee Machine Hire Service

This Barista service is for a minimum of 5 hours, that includes everything from a qualified Barista to a 1 group “Expobar” Megacrem Coffee Machine that serves 300 cups of coffee, Single Origin “Tanzanian” Speciality Certified AAA roasted coffee that leaves everyone wanting for more, this coffee has a “Q”Score above 90, served in a recycled Kraft coffee cup 8 oz along witha choice of full cream, skim, soy & lactose free milk & sugar ready to kick start any event with participants ready to go!

The price quoted is exclusive of GST.