Bean There & Co. is australian based company and it’s mission is to deliver to our customers the world’s finest coffees…guaranteed!
We painstakingly search the world over for the highest quality coffee beans. Then, we bring those beans to our home, where we roast them slowly to coax out their unique flavor. So you can enjoy our coffees just the way you like them – delicate, medium or dark. Always SMOOTH – never bitter!

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MAY 18, 2018–Dear Coffee Lovers, Arabica prices in the international market continue to trade at levels sharply below the cost of production and with active futures at the ICE exchange in New York recently trading even BELOW the $1.20 per pound mark, there is ZERO reason to believe that small holder coffee growers around the world are able to provide much work, if any, that will be able to prevent another outbreak of the rust pest. As we speak, most...

In honor of my visit this week to Ethiopia, the birthplace of Coffea Arabica, I am republishing a number of my special reports on this awesome country and its wonderful countries. Amesege’nallo Ethiopia for bringing coffee to the world! Today is my birthday, and it only seems appropriate to say Happy Birthday to myself with a truly outstanding coffee, and nothing beats a coffee from the origin of all origins of coffee: One of the most delightful and delicious coffees straight...